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We specialise in helping 50 to 70 year olds optimise their financial position to feel confident about retirement.

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How Does Toro Wealth Help Our Clients?

Whether you’re 10 years from retirement, 5 years, or ready to resign tomorrow, we’re here to help…

At Toro Wealth, our purpose is to help you feel financially secure and confident about living the retired life you’ve always envisaged.

We work with you to create a retirement plan with your specific goals and aspirations in mind.

You’ll have a clear vision of what your retirement is going to look like and a step-by-step financial plan to turn that vision into your reality.

Retire Confidently with Our Unique Process

Toro Wealth adopts a unique client-centric approach to advice – it’s all about you.

We DISCOVER who you are, where you are at and where you want to be. We use this information to PROJECT whether you are on or off track to achieving your short, medium and long-term goals.

We then provide step-by-step ADVICE of changes you should make in order to greatly increase the probability of getting you to where you want to be (and sooner).

It’s a proven and personalised process that we know works. We keep your finances straightforward, yet effective, so you can feel confident, stress less and enjoy your retirement more.

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"If you want independent advice for your situation to secure your financial future, then I highly recommend Toro Wealth"

"They were easy to work with, it was a very seamless process, just everything was really wonderful. I do highly recommend them, absolutely!"

"If you're in thinking of engaging with Toro Wealth to assist you with your retirement planning, do not hesitate. They're amazing."

"We couldn't be happier with the outcome that we got. Highly recommend you to anybody out there that is in the same situation as us. "

"For anyone thinking of working with Toro I would highly recommend their professionalism and the confidence they gave me for my retirement plans. Thank you Shane and all the team at Toro Wealth"


“Highly recommend Shane for intelligent, knowledgeable financial advice. Always provides sound insight and gives me a high quality assurance of my direction. And he is an easy going, all round nice guy to deal with…bonus!”

Judy Q. – Client

“it is really worth getting proper financial advice from true specialists, as it will end up saving thousands. Highly recommend this firm. Appreciated their timely and professional advice and caring approach.”

Jaleen C. – Client

“We found Shane to be friendly, courteous and above all, very professional in the advice he gave us, setting out clear guidelines of what the outcomes would be. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking ethical and non-biased financial advice.”

Linda and Robert H. – Client

“The Toro Wealth financial advisers really helped us feel much less overwhelmed about our financial goals. They helped us make sense of our situation and put us on the right track. Thank you!”

Lani E. – Client

“Shane listens, provides timely advice in client’s best interests, replies promptly to queries. Very personable. Would highly recommend.”

Lesley W. – Client

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We have helped hundreds of happy clients optimise their financial position in the lead up to retirement, with a comprehensive retirement plan.

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What Toro Wealth Can Do For You

Plan Your Retirement

Minimise Tax

Boost Your Super

Optimise Cash Flow

Invest Your Money

Maximise Your Income

Why Choose Toro Wealth?

Most financial advisers try to specialise in providing all types of advice to all types of age groups. We don’t.

At Toro Wealth, we are experts at helping 50 to 70 year olds achieve a financially secure and comfortable retirement. And because of this focus, we believe we do this better than anyone else.

We create financial strategies that are always in your best interest. Our recommendations are 100% conflict-free and tailor-made for you.

Our aim is to put you on the right track to achieve your retirement goals and live the life of your dreams, with a retirement plan designed exclusively for you.

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